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    Suzanne Schmidt, RMT



    Suzanne’s life growing up and the terminal illness of her father lead her to choosing the path of healthcare.

    Along with her passion for exploring the world, she decided on Massage Therapy as her craft and graduated from WCCMT in 2009. Massage therapy has allowed her to travel throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and all across Canada.

    Suzanne has now put her travels on hold, and is settled back in her hometown of South Surrey with her growing family but the adventures continue. In 2015 Suzanne went back to school. She has since completed her 4th year of school to become an Osteopath. This 5-year thesis program allows her to treat her patients with more precision that integrates well with her existing knowledge of massage therapy.


    [Osteopathy is a whole-body treatment focusing on all tissues of the body. Suzanne can assess and treat the skeletal and muscular systems as well as connective tissue (fascia) and visceral systems (organs) with a variety of treatment techniques. Decreasing scar tissue and allowing for proper blood flow through the body are top priority within the Osteopathy practice.]

    When Suzanne can get away from her study’s, she spends her time with her family. Very active in the community you may see her hiking, biking or playing at the beach or park with her two daughters and husband.

    Areas of Focus: Pain and Dysfunction after car accidents, Acute and Chronic Pain, Scar tissue correction, Visceral adhesions, Fascial release, Digestive issues, Fertility support, Postural Correction, Women’s Health Pre and Postnatal, Cranio-sacral therapy, post-concussion syndrome, Headaches, Vertigo, TMJD, Pelvic floor disfunction

    Massage Therapist, mother, student, nature lover and anatomy geek



    I feel very comfortable in Suzanne’s care. She is very mindful during the process, always checking in and asking questions when treating me, while addressing my current needs. She teaches and explains what I can do to help with how my body is healing. I would definitely recommend Suzanne to others, especially women. She is calm, thoughtful and genuinely cares. It is comforting knowing she is familiar with how to treat specific female needs and that she takes the time to research and learn more how to help.


    When I came to see Suzanne, I expected treatments to be relaxing with temporary pain relief following a car accident. My greatest surprise was the lasting effects from session to session. My muscle pain improved with each treatment. As a therapist I found her to be very approachable easy to talk to, and willing to research all avenues to help improve my physical condition. I would highly recommend Suzanne to other friends and family members. I feel she has amazing skills with her hands, and goes the extra mile each and every time I come.


    My biggest fear about coming to a new RMT was that it would be another temporary fix and I would feel good for a day or so but the pain would return. It was different with Suzanne. After following the recommendation of two friends, I knew I would feel at ease with her and I was right. She listens to what is causing your pain, where it hurts and takes a holistic assessing all the problem areas and how they are interconnected. I am more pleased that she combines her knowledge of massage therapy and her studies of osteopathy to go beyond a massage. I came to her with an old wrist injury and she was able to reset it using her osteopathic techniques and it has been great after only the one treatment. Suzanne uses her experience, knowledge and studies of massage and osteopathy to help your body heal itself. She is very easy to talk to and provides caring treatment.


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