Our Team

Elena Leonidas, RMT



As a Registered Massage Therapist, Elena’s mission is to provide a modality of natural, holistic healthcare for those looking to achieve or return to a state of wellness.

Whether recovering from an injury or suffering from postural imbalances, Elena is committed to helping her patients feel their best, no matter what the ailment. She uses a variety of techniques, with an emphasis on active myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy to restore balance within the body. Elena also places great value in educating her patients as to the potential source of their symptoms, and empowering them to participate in their own healthcare by practicing specific stretching and/or strengthening exercises, thereby integrating the benefits of treatment.


A true optimist, Elena believes that positivity and a balanced, active lifestyle are at the centre of optimum health. This belief, combined with a lifelong fascination with anatomy and physiology, drove Elena to pursue a career as an RMT.  Elena is also a BCRPA Certified group fitness leader and stays active by teaching ZumbaTM classes, hitting the gym, and enjoying nature hikes and the driving range with her family.

Areas of Focus: Fascial Manipulation, Sports Massage, Young/Competitive Athletes, Postural concerns/correction

Optimist, fitness and dance enthusiast, proud baseball-mom



Elena will get to the root of your problem, and you will feel the results. She is very thorough with her assessments and has effectively treated many of my musculoskeletal issues. I always felt I was in good hands during our treatments.


Elena stands out in her sincerity and ability to communicate what is happening in the body and how she is going to work on it. She included me in the process and it felt like we were working together to fix the problem.  She listened to what I had to say, and I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.


I was impressed with Elena’s fascial technique. I could feel the effect immediately. I liked her explanation of what she was doing and why it would heal me. With Elena, I felt relaxed and in very good hands.


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