Hormones are master chemical messengers that travel throughout the body and influence EVERY organ and body system. Hormones affect mood, growth, numerous metabolic processes, as well as the immune and reproductive systems. We want our hormones to be in harmony with one another, and achieving this balance can be a complex dance.

Symptoms of hormone imbalances aren’t pleasant and frequently lay behind a myriad of common health issues including menstrual problems, fertility issues, difficult menopause, grumpy andropause, mood swings, weight gain, sleep disruptions, fatigue, and even some forms of cancer…to name a few.

Hormonal health is a CORNERSTONE at Living Wellness Centre. Hormone testing and appropriate treatment can literally change your life. Nutrition and lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy are just some of the ways we achieve our goal of balancing and harmonizing these powerful messengers so your mind and body can feel its best – now and for years to come.

Our team of caring practitioners have an incredible knowledge base and years of experience working collaboratively. With an integrative whole systems wellness approach, our patients get amazing results.

Don’t settle for the status quo. There are many more solutions available for you to achieve hormonal health and longevity.





The more you worry the more you throw off the delicate balance of hormones required for health.

Andrew Bernstein

Hormones are very powerful things. We are helpless in their wake.

Meg Cabot

To control your hormones is to control your life.

Barry Sears

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