Telemedicine / Virtual Care

What is Telemedicine / Virtual Care?

Virtual Care is the use of communication technology to allow you and your practitioner  to connect via video conferencing to receive your visit when an in-person visit is not possible. This enables you to maintain your care with your practitioner and still maintain your health goals from the safety of your home.

What platform is Living Wellness using?

In order to continue to provide services and continue to support our patients’ wellness we have switched to a virtual visit platform provided by our booking and billing system called ‘Jane App’. This interface is secure and HIPPA compliant and is very simple to use. It requires that you have an account with us through Jane. Here is the link to set that up if you don’t already have one (you will have one if you use our online booking system).

Is it difficult to use?

Here is a link to instructions on how to join the virtual appointment.

This program works using a laptop and works best with Google Chrome. If you don’t have Chrome, the audio will still work through other programs such as safari or internet explorer.

Will Telemedicine visits be covered by 3rd party funders?

Our private rates will remain the same for each discipline. As telerehabilitation is relatively new it is best to check with your provider directly to see if your visits are covered.

Maintain your health goals from the safety of your home


Your Health

If you wish to find out more and/or schedule a virtual visits please book online or via email.

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