Living Wellness

What is

Collaborative Healthcare


As a culture, we are experiencing more and more overwhelm in our lives, and our bodies and minds pay the price.

People’s health issues seem to mirror this increasing complexity of both the demands of society, and our corresponding way of living. Symptoms are becoming harder to treat, and seem to linger for longer. Healthcare practitioners can often end up simply managing patients’ pain from session to session. Patients continue on in this way for months, even years, but never actually heal.

At Living Wellness Center, we believe it takes multiple perspectives – a village – to comprehensively address the roots of these complex health challenges. We operate as a truly integrative team. Our practitioners work TOGETHER, collaboratively, sharing knowledge and bringing a high collective IQ and diverse range of experience to difficult cases.

“The greatest medicine of all is to teach people not to need it.”

At LWC we believe the goal of healthcare intervention needs to shift – from managing symptoms, to transforming lives. This is what our patients appreciate and we get amazing results because of it.

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being

What does it mean to live well?

Our Philosophy

This image of a tree represents our philosophy when it comes to supporting our patients in living well.

The roots of the tree are the areas of our lives where people have an opportunity to make choices or changes, be they healthy ones or poor ones. The trunk of the tree is the stability which underlies all of the branches and leaves, which represent the different areas of our physical, mental and emotional health. The soil in which the roots lie is our spiritual health or clarity.

As with a tree, the soil feeds the roots. And so our spiritual clarity or consciousness affects our choices. Lack of clarity will lead to poor choices, which in turn lead to a lack of stability in the tree and limits the growth of its branches and leaves. These poor choices and the resulting compromise in our physical, emotional and mental health diminishes our clarity, which leads to poor choices and so we create a downward spiral. This eventually leads to disease and poor health.

However, if we are clear and make conscious, healthy choices that create wellness, this feeds our roots, which in turn creates stability in our health and nourishes the branches and leaves allowing them to grow and flourish. This growth in our physical, mental and emotional health enables us to make better choices, and so our clarity increases and we create an upward spiral. This is to live well.

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