Environmental Allergies

Allergies are a type of inflammation triggered by the immune system overacting to a certain allergen, such as grass, tree, dust, or animal dander. Allergies can result in some very unpleasant symptoms. If you suffer from allergies, you know this already! Over-the-counter medications only help temporarily via suppressing symptoms and don’t treat the root cause which is an overwhelmed system. By examining what is causing your body to become overburdened while supporting your immune and detoxification systems, allergies can be a thing of the past. Our naturopathic doctors at Living Wellness Centre can also perform skin allergy scratch tests for the top 10 environmental allergens followed by treatment with Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT). SLIT bypasses allergy injections and allows the medication to be taken instead as drops administered under your tongue. With over 60 clinical trials proving efficacy, endorsement from the World Health Organization, the World Allergy Organization and the Cochrane Collaboration, SLIT is proven to be effective, safe, and well-tolerated.

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The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature with an open mind.


We must pay greater attention to keeping our bodies and minds healthy and able to heal. Yet we are making it difficult for our defences to work. We allow things to be sold that should not be called food. Many have no nutritive value and lead to obesity, salt imbalance, and allergies.

David Suzuki

Please manifest my allergies into human form so I can punch them in the face.