Our Team

Michelle MacLeod, RMT



As a massage therapist Michelle’s mission is to help as many people as possible to get back into their bodies and experience the innate ability and strength they have for healing and movement.

She enjoys treatments based on problem solving, collaboration, effective and precise manual therapy combined with education for patients to make mindful and permanent changes in how they experience their bodies from day to day.

Michelle graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2007. In her treatments she primarily uses myofascial release and deep tissue therapy while incorporating education on self-care and daily movement. She completed her training in The Integrated Systems Model in September 2015, a whole body assessment and treatment approach practiced extensively at Diane Lee & Associates. She continues to actively pursue continuing education in myofascial release and movement training.

Areas of Focus: Postural education, Injury Rehabilitation

Passionate, dedicated, fitness enthusiast, life long student, aunty extraordinaire




The most valuable part of our sessions is the up front review of problem areas and restrictions and getting those assessed properly and worked on in depth. Working with Michelle has added to my flexibility and improved my ability to stay active. Also, with the success Michelle has had with my husband’s many issues (neck, back, ankle, shoulder) I have highly recommended her to those I know in the local area.


Over the last 9 years Michelle has been at the centre of wellness in my life and has had a very positive impact on my overall mental, spiritual and physical health. She is very passionate about her work, and her dedication to improvement through continuing education, mentorships and partnering with wellness professionals really comes through in her treatments. Not only is she technically very proficient, but her integrated approach leaves room for recommending other treatment modalities where appropriate, and I am glad I have taken her advice.  Michelle has tremendous capacity to heal and I have benefited greatly from her approach.


Michelle is an amazing Massage Therapist. I have been her client for a few years now and have benefited greatly by her hands. I appreciate that she is always striving to learn and bring new techniques to her practice. Michelle is professional, knowledgeable and intuitive.