Our Team

Dr. Ellie Bolgar, RCC



Ellie is a therapist, coach and educator. She has 18 years experience in the field, counselling a diverse population that includes children, youth, adults, seniors and their families seeking mental health and wellness.

Her focus of specialty is stress and related disorders such as anxiety and depression, and their root and impact on people’s work, relationships and general functioning. She provides group therapy and workshops on attachment, trauma, stress and lifestyle challenges. The process of her therapeutic approach includes Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Hypnosis. Ellie believes that people have the natural ability to heal under the right circumstances.


Ellie is an approved family therapy supervisor and provides clinical support for therapists at the Ministry of Children and Family Development (BC, Canada) and various Mental Health organizations. Ellie is a registered clinical counsellor and therapist in private practice at Living Wellness Clinic and accepts referrals from Employee Assistance Programs, Victim Services, physicians and individuals.

Ellie has authored a workbook for group therapy titled “Stress­less More Balanced,” which is based on her research. It teaches self­understanding, coping skills, and positive thinking.

Her extensive research on chronic stress and alternative treatments is motivated by her belief that stress is rooted in perception and that a change of attitude can increase resilience as well as prevent distress and impairment. She was invited to present this research titled “Stress is based on Perception” to the 4th World Congress of Positive Psychology in Florida in 2015.

Areas of Focus: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Lifestyle Challenges

Mother of two great teenagers, marathon runner, skier, classical music lover, gardener, cook




Ellie has helped me to grow in ways I never thought possible - this has been by far the toughest journey of growth and compassion towards myself that I have ever experienced - some days, honestly, I have not wanted to be here any more - but I have pushed through - and this has been possible because of the tools she has given me over the last two years - Ellie truly is my angel and I cannot thank her enough for her compassion, patience and genuine desire to see me move forward - she will always have a very special place in my heart.


The learning in Ellie’s sessions is so amazing and took me to places I never thought I would go. She didn’t waste time getting into the real issue and challenged me many times. She wouldn’t accept excuses and helped me find my strengths to change. I am very fortunate that Ellie is my therapist.


Ellie is a profound force of love and giving energy in this world. I am grateful for the chance to learn from her and for the help she has provided to me. The value of the therapy sessions and Ellie you guided me is priceless. I changed, and my life changed for the better. Thank you.