Our Team

Christy De Jaegher, BHKin, MScOT, RHNPtm



As a registered holistic nutritionist with a background in occupational therapy, Christy offers a unique and holistic approach to help you address your health concerns and optimize your health and wellness.

She is experienced in helping clients with a wide range of health concerns, however, her primary interest and specialty is in mental health. The connection between the foods we eat (or don’t eat) and our mood, emotions, cognition and overall mental health is powerful. Unfortunately, how we fuel our body is often an overlooked piece of the puzzle when it comes to mental health.

Christy’s mission is to help you solve this puzzle and feel like yourself again, from the inside out. She works with clients to make sustainable, evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes that address the root cause and help them to improve their mood, sleep better, have more energy, manage their stress/anxiety, think clearer, and feel like their healthiest, happiest self again.

With aa background in occupational therapy, her approach is uniquely holistic and targeted at lifestyle changes that are meaningful and easy to sustain, including the use of whole foods too restore balance in the body.

Areas of Focus: Depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, weight loss, gut health, insulin resistance, menopause, ADHD, and the development of sustainable healthy diet and lifestyle habits to support overall health and longevity.

Mom of boys, soccer player, animal lover, health enthusiast.


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